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Who Can Benefit From A Wellness Therapy Session?
What Does A Wellness Therapy Session Involve?
What Are The Different Therapies Used?
What Benefits Can I Expect From Therapy?

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
What Is The Difference Between Craniosacral Fasical Therapy (CFT) & Massage?
What Conditions Can Benefit From This Therapy?
Is There Any Condition For Which Craniosacral Fascial Therapy Should Not Be Used?

How Can I Get The Most Out of My Therapy?

What Do I Need To Do/Bring To Best Prepare For My Session?

How Can I Best Prepare My Toddler/Young Child For Their Session?

Will My Baby/Toddler Cry During Therapy?

What Is My Role As A Parent During My Child's Session?
What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

What Is Your Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy?