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  • Is the productivity, energy, and enthusiasm of your employees less than optimal?
  • Has your company recently undergone a significant transition?
  • Could your emotional quotient, focus, energy and productivity be better on target as a leader?
  • Are you look for ways to empower your employees, improve commitment, create greater productivity and reduce sick days?

We’d love to have a Health Discovery Conversation about you and your company.  Learn how you can

  • Become Better Tuned in
  • Better Harness Your Energy & Focus
  • Improve Your Clarity, Insight & Engagement
  • Boost Employee Morale and Productivity
  • Reduce Absences & Sick Days


At Heal With Wisdom we can create customized workshops and Speaking Engagements to match the health needs and goals of your leadership or company.


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Thank you, Rekha, for providing, perhaps for the first time, a natural healing remedy to body, mind, and spirit!’
Rekha graciously and quickly responded to my call for a surprise relaxation and healing chair massage for a group of mothers.  She called me in advance to be sure we both understood set-up details.  Rekha arrived early, asked questions, and expressed her thoughts so that we could work in the smoothest way possible.  She joined us for dinner and observed the women, instantaneously knowing that each woman’s experience would be very different!
In addition to the many unprompted “how wonderful” comments heard after the chair massage therapy, when asked specifically how they felt during and after the massage, the women felt “relaxed” and “rejuvenated”.  One mom commented that Rekha had to keep gently shaking her arms, telling her to relax her arms and “let it go”; she said that she’s so tense that even during a massage she couldn’t let go.  What a great reminder to be conscious of ourselves.  This experience helped the women to be aware of themselves and reminded them to take care of themselves.  Mothers need to model handling stress in productive ways to their children.  Thank you Rekha for providing, perhaps for the first time, a natural healing remedy to body, mind, and spirit for these hard-working, loving moms!

– Leah C.,  Camp Coordinator

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